“Gold : Build Your Wealth and Freedom”

Inflation is back. It’s a great pressure on your plans towards wealth and freedom. Stakes are high. Massive quantitative easing from central banks during decades reduces the value of paper currencies. Printing billions out of thin air generates inflation of consumer prices and causes assets prices bubbles. Large public spending further lowers the purchasing power of paper money. These policies make life harder. The resulting inflation reduces your purchasing power.

If you have a business, if you’re an investor or if you think about making money by yourself, this book is for you. You may have heard about the importance of investing in gold, as a safe haven against inflation. You may have read how the yellow metal can easily protect your purchasing power over time and how it is a good hedge against inflation. Gold is the only international currency. No fiat currency, including the U.S. dollar, can match gold. Buying gold is an easy and smart decision. You can then make thousands of dollars selling your gold at the right moment.

This book will give you answers. Why is gold a storage of value ? How does monetary history give key insights about gold ? Why do monetary policies of central banks fuel inflation ? How can you safely invest in gold, without intermediary ? When should you sell your gold to make more money ? How to manage your gold ? In what gold mining companies should you invest ? Can the gold standard return ?

In this self-help book I will share with you useful insights about gold, its key role over centuries, why people should buy this asset now to build their wealth and freedom and secure them in hard times. It is still time to invest in gold. Gold will help you to live life on your own terms.

About the author : Swann Collins is an investor, writer and consultant in international affairs. He has published over 100 articles specializing in economy, finance and investments.